World of Tanks Update 7.0 Launched/Update 7.1 Revealed and Screens/Trailer

The 7.0 update introduced that rarest of breeds to players - the stealth tank has released the 7.0 update for World of Tanks, a free-to-play MMO game based on massive numbers of armored battles. This update brings the camouflage system that will fit tank skins to the battlefields they fight on, advanced visual effects, a battles replay option, and two new maps - Fjords and Swamp. The company also announced the upcoming release of Update 7.1 featuring the French tech tree. 18 new vehicles will introduce the first three branches of the French nation; light, medium, and heavy steel chariots will enrich the combat and bring all-new tactics into the game. These will later be followed by SPGs and tank destroyers. Fourteen fresh screenshots and a new trailer have been inserted in our download area.

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