Dungeon Defenders Released for PS3 in Europe

Join forces with up to three friends local or online to strategically block the invading waves of ogres, goblins and orcs
Trendy Entertainment today announced that Dungeon Defenders, the commercial edition of the freeware UDK game Dungeon Defense, is now available for download on PlayStation Network in Europe. Sold over 600,000 copies across PSN, Xbox LIVE and Steam to date, Dungeon Defenders brings together the best elements of tower defense and action-RPG progression in a fully 3D environment; spreading the 4-player co-op mayhem out across 15 unique maps in all its loot-raiding, spell-casting, level-up stacking glory. To compensate for the EU delay, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe and Trendy Entertainment will be releasing the first DLC pack, The Quest for the Lost Shards Part 1: Mistymire Forest (containing new missions, enemies, and a new boss) for free to all SCEE users at a to-be-determined date in January of 2012.