Awesomenauts Voltar Trailers and Details

The sixth and final playable character for Awesomenauts revealed
dtp entertainment and Ronimo Games have released a couple of new Awesomenauts videos, this time presenting Voltar the Omniscient, a mysterious brain-in-a-vat. Over 500 years ago, Voltar was a brilliant scientist who worked at an intergalactic power station. A sudden explosion destroyed nearly his entire body, leaving only his ingenious brain intact. This remnant was salvaged and carefully placed in a Braintank, preserving his mind for all time. Throughout the years, and with the help of his loyal robot drones, Voltar made some nifty modifications to his Braintank that enabled him to participate in the newly erupted robot wars. No-one knows his true motives for participating in this conflict as a mercenary, but what can be assured is that he's a mastermind with unmatched psychotechnic powers and an arsenal of armed robots that do his every bidding. Awesomenauts will be available in February 2012, for PS3 and Xbox 360.