Sniper: Ghost Warrior Two Million Copies Sold and Screens

City Interactive's original IP hits the bulls eye with new sales milestone
Along with this pair of fresh screenshots, City Interactive announced that Sniper: Ghost Warrior, a stealth based first person shooter developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, has achieved sales that have now exceeded 2,000,000 units worldwide. Sniper Ghost Warrior is set on the fictitious South American island of Isla Trueno, where a despotic military regime lead by the ruthless General Vasquez has overthrown its democratic government to seize control. As one of a group of covert commandos, the player is charged with infiltrating the rebel stronghold and overthrowing the unelected powerbase. Intelligence reports indicate that Vasquez is due to chair a meeting with his cohorts in an old refinery facility, and a government plant is in place to set up an assassination opportunity for the crack unit. But as the unit arrive on the island, it soon becomes clear that the plan has gone awry, and the team must adapt and use their combat skills if they are to complete the mission.