Antipole Released in Europe

Fight enemies on the ground or ceiling, or defeat them by using gravity to fling their foes into spikes or pools of acid
Antipole, a title empowering players with the ability to reverse gravity to alter the world around them, is now available in Europe via Nintendo DSiWare, Saturnine Games announced. Antipole is a fast paced, action packed side scrolling adventure equipping players with the power to alter the world around them by reversing gravity. Players take on the role of Johnny Hurricane as they use his gravity powers to leap incredible distances, run on the ceiling, solve puzzles, and even to vanquish his enemies. In addition to the main adventure, Antipole features a variety of additional challenges, including multiple difficulty levels, unlockable Challenge Levels for expert gamers, speed run challenges, and Awards for completing in game challenges. Antipole also features a bonus mode for owners of the previous Saturnine Games release, Cosmos X2. Players with both games can play through the adventure using the weapons from Cosmos X2.