Novus Prime: Vindication Coming Tomorrow and Screens/Trailer

More missions, ships, weapons, avatar items, and outfits, plus level cap raised from 20 to 30
Novus Prime: Vindication, the newest expansion for themultiplayer space shooter Novus Prime, is coming to PlayStation Home this Wednesday, Hellfire Games announced. With Vindication, you will now unlock rewards at every other level. This means players who've already reached the rank of Captain at level 20 will instantly earn several rewards when they log in to the game. Newcomers will earn more rewards than ever before as they rise up the ranks to Commander. Also, players will find several new items in the shop to improve their game experience in Novus Prime, including the Tech Goggles & Enemy Scanner bundle, the super-fast Obsidian Blade fighter ship, and our new Memory Conditioning Conduit bundle, which comes with three virtual items and permanently triples your XP point gains so you can rank up even faster. Five screenshots and a trailer have been inserted in our download area.