Carte Coming to North America and Screens/Trailer

The first global online trading card game - packed with all-original gameplay, thousands of cards to master and much more
GamesCampus announced today that Carte, the first global online trading card game, will be launched in North America in early 2012. Players will begin building their deck with a Hero card and then choose 64 additional cards to create a mix of attack, utility anddefense to outsmart and outplay any opponent. Building multiple decks and maintaining each with a simple and efficient interface will allow for fast sorting and easy selection. Players can find a helping hand by joining a Guild of like-minded card enthusiasts. Guilds will be of aid to players in multiplayer battlefields, but with more reward comes more risk. With tournaments held throughout the day, players can prove their prowess as the best warrior in the land - or team up in Raid mode to battle epic monsters together in order to obtain materials that will create highly coveted, rare cards to build the most exciting decks yet. Four screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.

Carte on PC
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