Additional Dog Tags and Multiplayer Skins for Battlefield 3

Expand your arsenal of dog tags
DICE just announced that players who want to enlarge their arsenal of dog tags in Battlefield 3 can now do so via two different bundles. SPECACT and Dog Tag Bundle features a fistful of 10 dog tags plus a set of new multiplayer skins. These items were previously only available as exclusive pre-order items for the game, and you can now buy them for $2.99/2.99 or the equivalent in your currency. The other bundle, Promo Bundle, features another set of 10 dog tags plus one extra multiplayer skin. This content was previously only available as promotional items for Battlefield 3 in North America, and you can now get these items in this bundle, also for $2.99/2.99. Both bundles are available today on PlayStation 3 - the SPECACT and Dog Tag Bundle is available worldwide (hits Asia on January 19), while the Prono Bundle is available everywhere but North America. The Xbox 360 version of these bundles will be available in one week's time for 240 Microsoft Points each.