Fair Strike v1.04b Patch

G5 Software issued an new english patch for Fair Strike, bringing this 3D action helicopter game to v1.05. The update, like the previous one, adds improved joystick control, new camera options, multiplayer tweaks and more. Check full article for full list of changes and check the official demo and read our preview if you haven't done so yet. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Fair Strike v1.04b English Patch (7.4 MB)
  • Patch 1.04b The following errors were fixed: using combination Alt-Tab in Windows9x causes incorrect closing of the programme index "friendly fire" doesn't change while creating a server transport helicopters start in the center of the map during the second "team assault session" "team assault session" could end in a draw Improvements: Intel® Extreme Graphics video card is available outside cam is available outside cinema cam is available launched missile cam is available RPM on additional joystick axis is available new arcade joystick control is available enabling of log files is available (launch game with command line "fs.exe -L"), log files "execution.log" and "execution.html" appear in game's folder ATTENTION!!! Before downloading this patch find out what version of the game you have. To do it see the numbers on your screen in the right lower corner while playing the game. If the numbers are 1.04 it means that you have the version without errors which this patch is to fix and there is no need to download the patch. ATTENTION!!! The type of the patch you need depends on the version you have. English patch is for english version , german patch is for german version, and so on.