iPhone/iPad from Hell 21 January 2012

Round up of new Games/Apps for your iPhone/iPad based devices
If you want any iOS based games or entertainment related application added on these roundups, feel free to contact us.

1. A digital re-imagining of the classic arcade game of the same name, The MarbleZ challenges players to keep their game grid from filling up with marbles by moving them around, lining them up into rows of three or more, and eliminating them. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

2. Space Panic is a combination of Space Invaders and physics engine. Planet Xano is being attacked by an alien civilization, and you are the only hope to stop them and save the day. In Space Panic you take control of super advance Military Satellite equipped with powerful weapons which will help you defeat the evil civilisation. Your goal is to cause as much damage as possible and score maximum amount of points. Innovative element start when you shot an enemy and he falls down, while falling he can hit other enemies which will get destroy and fall with him. Destruction cascade system makes the core of the strategy in the game, player can just shoot each ship separately or destroy them all with one accurate shot. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

3. Available on the Apple Store, Beat Enigma offers a twist to the classic match-3 style over an endless moving board. Beat Enigma portraits a typical situation, machines took over the world. The plot thickens with an archrival, Enigma, the central computer, source for encryption of communication. The player is part of the resistance, in the role of a hacker with the mission to crack the enigma code and dismantle the machine. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

4. Evil Square is a geometry based puzzle game, where players must arrange a collection of regular and irregular cubes and pyramids so that all the pieces fit perfectly within a black square grid. Shapes are of various sizes, colors, and 3D deformations, but each has a flat base with either three or four sides. When correctly completed, the flat bases of the assembled shapes form a perfect square, with no gaps or overlaps. Featuring two modes of play, automatic positioning, tap to rotate a quarter turn, and drag to position, Evil Square is for players of all ages. The game challenges the puzzle solver to visualize and experiment with the way irregular shapes, having few 90-degree angles, fit together. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

5. In Worm Town, players control a cute slippery worm as he worms his way through one of two endless courses, snow or fire. Featuring simple one-touch control, the game is far more challenging than it appears. Touching the screen causes the worm to wriggle forward and upwards, and releasing it, he moves forward and downwards. Players must be careful not to let any part of the worm touch a wall or barrier, or the round ends. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

6. Jelly Links is all about matching the similar blocks and make them disappear. Move jellies by swiping on any 4 directions. You have to match 3 or more similar blocks by linking them together. There are 4 games modes and each mode comes with its own increased challenges. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

7. In Jewel Frenzy, the player rush to click on a block of 3 or more of same color gems in order to clear them in 90 seconds. The more gems cleared, the more rare powerful gems and points received. The game includes Game Center integration for player to climb up the worldwide Leader Board. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

8. The objective of Chewy Balls HD is to clear the chewy's by matching three or more similar chewy balls. The only condition is that there should be at least 3 like chewy balls to get eliminated. As you clear the chewy balls present on the screen, the game adds more from the top at regular time frames to make it trickier to enjoy. Get it on iTunes/App Store.