Stick Man Rescue Released in North America

Game now available for Stick Man saviors and sadists alike in North America
Launched in Europe since January 18th, Stick Man Rescue is now also available across North America for PSP as a "mini" title, TikGames announced. Stick Man Rescue is an action/arcade game in which players must pilot a futuristic troop transport copter as they fly through thirty dangerous levels filled with deadly traps in an attempt to rescue black stick men. The Evil Blue Stick Minions are out in force, with stick murder on their minds. Players must prevent their stick men from being burned alive, smashed, decapitated, blown up, electrocuted, dissolved by acid, and other classic demises. To combat the Evil Blue Stick Minions' zeppelins, paratroopers, and steam rollers, players can power up their copter with weapons like bombs, missiles, flame throwers, and more.