Out of Hell 29 January 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. To bring the community back to its roots and reignite old friendships, Ndoors is welcoming back old Empire Rising players with a gift package valued at over $100. The Returning Hero Package is designed to help returning players get a running start when rejoining the game and offers 20,000 Knights and 150 Large Resource Trucks among other great items. The bonus troops make for a great way to aid a friend or jump in to cooperative community events like the Capital City War system.

2. Virgin Gaming announced that they have surpassed the one million member milestone. To date, over $7 million in cash prizes have been awarded; over four million game challenges have been issued and registered members are spending an average of 72 minutes per visit logged onto VirginGaming.com.

3. InnoGames has revealed the combat system for Forge of Empires will be hex-based, allowing players increased control and strategic options for combat, alongside a research tree that moves players through history by discovering the greatest inventions of mankind. These technologies unlock the use of additional land to build upon, stronger military units, and advanced structures that produce a variety of resources.

4. Machu Picchu, a brand new map for Deathmatch modes, has been added to Project Blackout, a fast-paced massively multiplayer online first-person shooter from SG Interactive. The maze-like map based on the actual Incan ruins forces players to fight for the tactically advantageous high ground. To celebrate the launch of Machu Picchu, Project Blackoutplayers will receive an extra 30 percent EXP points until Wednesday, February 8, at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.

5. Mail.Ru Games has unveiled new features for Legend: Legacy of the Dragons PvP fans: from January 27, 2012, English players have the opportunity to pit their strength against gamers in other nations.

6. Conquest of Thrones is a 3D browser MMORPG from Gamewave Interactive. Visit this website for details.