Tecmo Koei Games Licenses SpeedTree for Warriors Orochi 3 and Dynasty Warriors 7

IDV's vegetation software to be a regular feature in coming years in games developed by Tecmo Koei Games
Warriors Orochi 3, as well as multiple platform versions of Dynasty Warriors 7 will include SpeedTree, IDV and Tecmo Koei Games announced. Tecmo Koei Canada., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tecmo Koei Games, has also licensed SpeedTree, for 2007’s Fatal Inertia and Warriors: Legends of Troy, which came out in 2011. SpeedTree delivers natural real-time trees and plants with seamless LOD transitions, an array of lighting, physics & wind effects, and an SDK programmed to support any level of engine integration. SpeedTree includes SpeedTree Modeler, a Windows application used in the 2009 movie Avatar that offers a unique hybrid of hand and procedural modeling options.