Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Screens 31 January 2012

Three fresh screens added in our gallery
Bohemia Interactive Studio and Black Element Software have released a new set of screenshots from Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, a new multi-platform title based on the original Carrier Command released in 1988, and fully licensed and endorsed by its creators. The screenshots are illustrating the W.A.L.R.U.S. (Water and Land Roving Utility Shuttle), a six-wheeled amphibious unit that can be configured to suit a variety of purposes. Their versatility makes them useful for not only ground or sea assaults, but also for transport, hacking and mining. How you will customize a Walrus will depend on your mission objective and strategy. There are three different versions of the Walrus. Each with their own set of properties in terms of armor, agility and possible weapon/equipment loadouts. To start, there is the basic light armor version, which is fast and responsive, but cannot carry heavy weapons. They are useful for quick in-and-out missions and reconnaissance. Secondly, there is the medium armored Walrus, which is stronger and can be equipped with heavy weapons, while still remaining agile (comparable to contemporary military armored vehicles). The last type is the heavily armored Walrus. This one is slow and bulky, but extremely durable and perfect for heavy combat. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is currently scheduled to be released in Q2 2012, on PC and other platforms.