Happy Action Theatre and Rise of the Martian Bear Released/Trailer

Double Fine unleashed new content for Iron Brigade, plus a new Kinect title
Along with a trailer, Double Fine sent over a press release announcing the release of Happy Action Theater, a new Xbox 360 title with Kinect support available via Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 Microsoft points. DFHAT lets players experience 18 unique Kinect Activities, and it is payable by up to 6 people at once. Also available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, but for 400 Microsoft points, is the Rise of the Martian Bear DLC, which picks up right where Iron Brigade left off. Rise of the Martian Bear sports a new Martian Campaign, new enemies, new Survival Mode maps, and over 80 new pieces of loot. In related news, Psychonauts and Costume Quest are now on sale for 50% off on Steam for the entire day.