iPhone/iPad from Hell 4 February 2012

Round up of new Games/Apps for your iPhone/iPad based devices
If you want any iOS based games or entertainment related application added on these roundups, feel free to contact us.

1. In Last Target, players need to navigate a pellet through a course consisting out of countless platforms and bricks headed into deep space - just by tilting the iPhone or the iPad. There is no end as the world rises up infinite to the space. Last Target supports the Game Center with global leaderboards where players can compare their skills. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

2. HogFrog is a simple, one-touch game, where the player takes on the role of Tore, a young frog who is in love with the pond mafia boss' daughter, Rosina. Her father doesn't like Tore, as he never has any mosquitoes, and down on the pond, your worth is measured by how many of the little critters you have. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

3. There's a new Chief of Police in town, and he's put a ban on dogs, ordering them all to be captured. Off The Leash puts you in control of one particular outlaw, & it's your task to outrun those pesky cops, whilst trying to rescue as many of your doggy pals as you can. Off The Leash offers HD graphics, a multitude of missions, achievements and more. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

4. Suitable for kids in the age group 4-12 years, Memory Games For Kids will challenge them to solve memory games in the least number of moves possible. All words are spoken aloud so that the child can learn speaking them too. Kids can compete against their parents, siblings or friends to see who ranks higher. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

5. In Ball Turret Gunner, you will fly in the bottom of a Ball Turret and protect your B-17 from enemy aircraft until the bombs are dropped on the hated enemies war infrastructure. The US Eighth Air Force & the Fifteenth Air Force complemented the RAF Bomber Command's nighttime area bombing to help secure air superiority over the cities, factories & battlefields of Western Europe. Get it on iTunes/App Store.