Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Screens 7 February 2012

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Our gallery has been updated with lots of screenshots from Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle, an action game based on the Saint Seiya anime series created by Masami Kurumada. Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle will immerse players in the most popular drama from Saint Seiya: the Sanctuary, as Seiya and his companions fight side by side to defeat the gold saints of the twelve palaces and protect Athena. As players complete quests and progress through the twelve levels, they can inflict tremendous damage on their foes with fast-paced Cosmo power-up attacks. Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle will also include a special mode which allows the player to go further in Saint Seiya universe with alternate stories to delight the fans. The game is set to be available in Europe on March 16th, exclusively for PS3.