EVE Online Website Revamped and Trailer

A new pilot, reborn as one of the universe's immortal elite, is presented with a glimpse of the dangerous and opportunity-filled future that awaits them (2:30)
The official EVE Online website has been revamped, offering a new design along with the latest details about this popular MMORPG developed by CCP Games. While there is a wealth of stuff to check out, of particular note are the ship viewer, which showcases a portion of the ships of EVE Online, and the starmap, which pulls in-game data to show exactly how vibrant the EVE Universe truly is. In addition, an introduction video for pilots new to EVE called Pilot Orientation, is now locally mirrored, showing off some of the new nebulae and ship models and wraps them in a straightforward description of why EVE is "different" and what to expect from the EVE experience.