Postal 2 Share The Pain v1408 Patch

Running With Scissors has issued a new patch for Postal 2: Share the Pain, bringing this FPS multiplayer expansion to v1409 (thanks: 3DGamers). This release adds a new multiplayer map ("Red Light"), and a number of improvements and fixes as well (read full story for details). Remember they are working on Apocalypse Weekend, the second game's addon (story). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Postal 2 Share The Pain v1409 Patch (15.4 MB)
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch 1409 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- New Additions: Awesome new "Red Light" map for SNATCH games! You're welcome. Improvements: - Explosive and splash damage now follows the same friendly fire rules that everything else followed. At 0% friendlyfire nothing hurts teammates, and at 100% teammates are hurt the same as enemies. - You now get credit for the kill if you blow up grenades by shooting them (ex: someone else's grenades are on the ground and you shoot them, then you'll get any kills that result from the explosions). - Same as above now applies to rockets -- you get the kills when you cause the explosions. - Kicking ricocheting scissors that are flying through the air will now give you the kill if they hit anyone, and they will no longer hurt you once you kick them (it's like you threw them from that point on). - TeamSay messages are now green with (Team) right after your name. This is only fully supported if the person sending you the message has this patch (or later), too. - Added customizable "Say" and "TeamSay" messages so it's easier to communicate in the heat of battle. You can have up to 8 "Say" and 8 "TeamSay" messages. By default the "TeamSay" messages are bound to keys F2 through F8 and F12, while "Say" messages are not bound to any keys. You can change the key bindings via Options -> Controls -> Misc. and then pick "Pre-set Say Controls" or "Pre-set TeamSay Controls". You can change the default messages by opening the console (press ~ by default) and typing: SetTeamSay 1 Head to their base! which breaks down like this: SetTeamSay is the command, 1 is the message number (from 1 to 8) and Head to their base! is the message you want. So now when you press F2 during the game the "Head to their base!" message will be sent to all your teammates. Say messages work the same way but use the SetSay command instead. Remember, "Say" messages aren't bound to any keys by default. - Added customizable "empty messages" that are sent whenever you use "Say" or "TeamSay" without typing a message. By default these are empty so using "Say" or "TeamSay" without a message will not send anything. You can set the empty message from the console (press ~ by default) and typing: SetEmptySay blahblahblah which breaks down like this: SetEmptySay is the command and blahblahblah is the message you want to send. After that, whenever you use "Say" without typing anything, it will automatically send blahblahblah. TeamSay works the same way using the SetEmptyTeamSay command. - The default irc channel has been changed from '' to ''. Fixes: - Fixed problem where Projectors could not be turned on/off on Performance menu - Fixed "Health Pipe Cheat" - Fixed "Can't drop weapons" bug (only occurred on servers that had the "Health Pipe" hotfix installed)

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