Combat Elite: World War II Paratroopers Movie

The second movie from Combat Elite: World War II Paratroopers is now available for download, offering in-game footage from this upcoming WWII strategy game in the works at BattleBorne Entertainment (thanks: John). Combat Elite will be published by Acclaim in June 2004 on Playstation 2 and Xbox. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Combat Elite: World War II Paratroopers Movie (6.7 MB)
  • World War II. June 6, 1944 - D-Day - The downfall of Nazi Germany's occupation of Europe begins with the Allied invasion of France. The campaign is supported by more than 17,000 U.S. and British paratroopers, dropped behind enemy lines prior to the assault on the beaches of Normandy. These brave troops pave the way for the Allies by attacking the German forces from inside occupied Europe, fighting their way through enemy territory to thwart the Nazi war machine from within. Their battles lead them through rolling hills, open plains, small farms and war-torn cities throughout France, Holland and Belgium. Eventually some prove themselves worthy of the ultimate challenge: preventing German development of a weapon that could forever change the face of Europe; the atomic bomb. This dangerous mission takes them into the very heart of the Axis; The Fatherland. Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers will include an array of features, including: * More than 40 varied and immersive missions that recreate the toughest battles of WWII, including D-Day; Operation Market Garden and the bitter winter defense of Bastogne; * Two-player, same screen co-operative gameplay; * Rise through the ranks : begin as a Private and through battle experience earn promotions and that allow the customization of characters with new skills and abilities; * Pick-up-and-play controls for ease of play; * Incredible assortment of historically accurate weapons, equipment and devices; * Built with the award-winning Snowblind Studios engine.