Notch Still Interested in Psychonauts 2

We want a Psychonauts sequel!
On February 14, Tim Schaefer, founder of Double Fine Productions, mentioned via Kotaku that Markus "Notch" Persson, creator of Minecraft, offered, over Twitter, to fund a Psychonauts sequel. Now, Notch updated his blog with the following words: "Being a big fan of the first one, and thinking a sequel could probably be profitable, I semi-jokingly tweeted Tim about me funding a sequel." But even if the budget for developing Psychonauts 2 is three times higher than his initial impression and Double Fine will be very busy for a while with their Kickstarter project (story), he would still fund the game. "All I know is that IF the numbers work out and IF they still want to do it and IF they don’t decide to self fund a sequel by doing more crowd funding (which is honestly what I would’ve done if I were them), I would be most interested in doing this type of investment."