Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Commonwealth Forces Trailers

In-game footage from a beta version of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Commonwealth Forces (13:50) today released a couple of gameplay movies from strong>Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Commonwealth Forces, a new module that includes all new, meticulously researched and historically accurate UK, Canadian and Polish units and formations. This module will also bring you new German formations, such as the "Waffen SS" and the Luftwaffe. Several variants of the iconic Churchill tank, the Cromwell, Stuart and Firefly will be included along with many other new units. The Germans will see the mighty King Tiger and the Jagdpanzer in their arsenal among several other additions. Included in the package are all new scenarios, quick battle maps, and a campaign for exciting play right out of the box - before digging in and using the powerful editor or sharing scenarios with other CM: Battle for Normandy gamers. The Commonwealth Forces module will be available only from as a direct download, via mail delivery (add S&H), or both.