Unit 13 Screens 17 February 2012

Three fresh screens inserted in our gallery
Zipper Interactive has released a few more screenshots from Unit 13, a third person shooter for PlayStation Vita designed for players to move quickly into the action, choosing from one of six Operatives with unique abilities to tackle 36 action-packed missions across nine unique locales. As you make your way through the variety of missions, you unlock the right to take on the tougher High Value Target (HVT) enemy battles. After completing an HVT mission, you can share them with friends and nearby players through PlayStation Vita's "NEAR" feature. In Co-op, you can play with a friend all with high quality voice chat enabled through the PlayStation Vita - Co-op teams compete for top positions on the global, regional, and friend mission leaderboards. Unit 13 will be available in North America on March 6th and one day later in Europe.