SSX Demo Next Week and Five New Trailers

SSX fans can challenge their friends' best times & scores in the online & RiderNet enabled demo
Electronic Arts has announced that a playable demo of SSX will hit Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network on February 21 in North America and Europe (February 22 on PSN in Europe) - the demo will only be available until March 20, 2012 so make sure you download it as soon as it's live. The online & RiderNet enabled demo will allow SSX fans to get a taste of one of the modes in the SSX online feature set Explore Mode. Mimicking the Explore experience that will be in the full game, as players post race times and trick scores in the demo, ghosts of those runs will be uploaded to the SSX server. These ghosts are exact replicas of a player's run, from the line that they took, to the tricks that they performed. RiderNet will recommend challenges as players take on their friends' ghosts or let their own ghosts chalk up wins and losses, even while they're away from their console. Visit this page for details - five new videos are now locally mirrored.