Zuma's Revenge! Released for DS

Adaptation of action puzzler delivers the best of classic gameplay as well as exclusive daily dungeon and multiplayer Versus modes
PopCap Games announced today that Zuma's Revenge! for Nintendo DS is now available immediately on retail store shelves nationwide for U.S. $19.95 - a DSiWare edition releases in mid-March and will be available for download from the Nintendo online shop for 800 Points. The game takes the basic point-and-click premise of the original Zuma up several notches by incorporating horizontal and vertical "sliding" as well as the ability to hop from one lily pad to another, and to reach all areas of the screen. The Nintendo DS and DSiWare adaptations in particular more than live up to the Zuma standard, packing in all the classic levels from Adventure and Challenge modes. Additionally, the DS cartridge version introduces new, exclusive gameplay, including the new Daily Dungeon mode (similar to the Daily Spin featured in Bejeweled Blitz) as well as a multiplayer Versus mode, offering three different gameplay styles, and allowing two players to challenge one another over the (ad-hoc-only) DS Wireless Communications Network.