Law & Order: Legacies Episode 4 and 5 Available for PC and Mac/Trailers

It's time to re-open the case
Based on the hit NBCUniversal TV series, Law & Order: Legacies Episode 4: Nobody's Child and Episode 5: Ear Witness are now released for PC and Mac, Telltale Games announced. In Law & Order: Legacies: Episode 4 - Nobody's Child, the detectives work to discover who is responsible for the brutal murder of a young boy on New Year's Eve. As the investigation and ensuing courtroom case develop, a troubling discovery is made about the state of the boy's care prior to his death. Players of Law & Order: Legacies - Episode 5: Ear Witness will find the New York City detectives conducting an investigation into a woman's late night murder - with the only witness being her blind son. The city prosecutors have only the boy's recognition of the gunman's voice to go on as testimony - will they be able to serve the killer with justice? Fans that have purchased the full-season bundle can download the newly-released episodes immediately from the game's main menu. Two new videos are now locally mirrored.