Army Corps of Hell Released in North America and Launch Trailer

Experience war like never before
Square Enix announced that Army Corps of Hell, a PlayStation Vita (PSV) game developed by Entersphere, is now available in North America at retailers and via digital download from the PlayStation Store. Army Corps of Hell brings a new level of action to PS Vita. After being defeated in battle, the King of Hell is burned down to a meager corpse, stripped of his powers, and banished from his throne. He uses the last of his strength to take command of a legion of weak-minded yet bloodthirsty goblins to reclaim his throne. To annihilate the demons of Hell, you'll control an army of up to 100 goblin soldiers with unique classes and abilities. A new synthesis system lets you combine materials dropped by fallen foes to create new equipment for your troops. Customized equipment can change your goblin soldiers' looks and upgrade the abilities. A new video has been added in our download section.