The Amazing Spider-Man Rhino Trailer/Screens and Release Date

Get your first look at the re-imagined Rhino, the first classic Spidey villain coming your way in The Amazing Spider-Man video game
Activision Publishing and Marvel Entertainment have released a new video and three screenshots for The Amazing Spider-Man video game, which is planned to be launched on June 29th, 2012, tied to Sony Picture Entertainment's upcoming feature film of the same name. The game picks up where the film ends. Parker is thrown into a new exciting storyline fighting a variety of baddies to try and save New York from devastation. This trailer shows Spider-Man putting his new web slinging skills to use moving seamlessly from buildings, New York landmarks such as the Brookyln Bridge before coming face to face with Rhino himself. This new, reimagined version of Rhino was created specifically for The Amazing Spider-Man video game and will not be seen in the theatrical film.