Hustle Kings PS Vita Version Released

VooFoo's latest game out now on PS Vita
The PlayStation Vita version of Hustle Kings is now available on PlayStation Store for 6.49, Sony Computer Entertainment announced - if you have pre-ordered a PS Vita then you can redeem your discount voucher to get Hustle Kings for 1.49. The entirely new Training Mode will teach you everything from aiming and breaking off to swerves and cue ball control. The Career has been re-designed offering eight unique pool crews to hustle against on your path earning HKC (Hustle Kings Credits) and becoming a certified Hustle King. Also, you can play either Head to Head or multiplayer with up to 8 players, including Cross-Play against players on both PS Vita and PlayStation 3. You can test the online multiplayer waters in Practice lobbies where your ranking and HKC are not affected. Once you've got a taste for playing online, you can try your luck in Ranked lobbies to improve your online ranking without risking any HKC.