Top Gun: Hard Lock Teaser Trailer and NA Release Date

Action-packed aerial combat game features epic single-player and multiplayer campaigns
505 Games has released a new video for Top Gun: Hard Lock, a video game based on Paramount Pictures' classic film developed by Headstrong, a division of Kuju. Top Gun: Hard Lock is aerial dog-fighting at jet speeds and tailgating MiGs at Mach 2, while offering a unique "Hard lock" mode where players perform air combat maneuvers that deliver an explosively satisfying visual payoff that brings them right into the action. Featuring the legendary F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and a number of additional licensed planes and weapons, and more than enough enemy MIGs to turn into smoldering rubble, the game is carefully mixed with just enough nostalgic references to remain true to its action movie roots. Top Gun: Hard Lock will be available in North America on March 6th, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.