iPhone/iPad from Hell 27 February 2012

Round up of new Games/Apps for your iPhone/iPad based devices
If you want any iOS based games or entertainment related application added on these roundups, feel free to contact us.

1. Dishum pits the player against an alien invasion force. The player must defeat the enemy's flotilla of floating heads, shooting around enemy's force fields. Gameplay is intuitive, but the later levels become extremely challenging. With limited time and ammo, the player's skills will be tested in both of the game modes, "Classic", which allows the player to start from any completed level, and "Challenge Mode", in which the player has just one shot to rack up as many points as possible. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

2. In Retro Racing, you will choose your car, then skid, slide, spin and drive around the track at break neck speed, collecting power-ups as you go. You have to master the perfect racing line, avoid other cars and cones, and speed your way to victory. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

3. Featuring hand drawn commissioned artwork, Operation: Eradicate is a cooperative strategy game where the player controls up to four characters across the world to beat back the spreading 'infected' hordes. It offers turn-based multiplayer matches, over 20 different setups and 3 difficulty settings. Get it on iTunes/App Store.

4. In Fruit Rumble, users are transported to one of 8 gorgeously rendered tabletops where they must use the strength of various fruits to shoot at oncoming insect invaders before they reach the fruit bowl. Gameplay generation algorithms ensure every insect wave is different, whilst fast reactions, good co-ordination and fun multi-finger swiping are required to ensure that the fruit stop the insects in their tracks. Get it on iTunes/App Store.