Out of Hell 29 February 2012

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Total Immersion announced that a beta version of D'Fusion for Unity will be launched at GDC 2012, enabling game developers working with Unity Technologies' game tool access to its patented best-in-class AR technology. D'Fusion for Unity will be available for iOS and Windows, affording developers the opportunity to deploy AR gameplay experiences on their platform of choice.

2. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced the nominees for the 2012 PlayStation Network (PSN) Gamers' Choice Awards, designed to recognize the best downloadable games on PSN. This year, SCEA introduces six new voting categories, expanding the total to 10, featuring some of the highest user-rated games released on PSN in 2011. Check the press release for details.

3. The Game Bakers announced that their popular tactical RPG, SQUIDS, is coming to Android and Mac this week. Set in a colorful underwater kingdom, SQUIDS is a creative RPG with a humorous storyline, gorgeous cartoon artwork, and turn-based battles that pit a team of scrappy Squid heroes against hordes of ooze-infected crabs and shrimp.

4. TeePee Games has partnered with gaming start up Nektan to launch Click and Clear, which is now available through the TeePee Games portal and Facebook application. In Click & Clear players must clear panes of glass from a building to accumulate the highest score possible before time runs out.