Awesomenauts Splitscreen Feature Revealed and Trailer

In Awesomenauts you can take two friends along with you in on- and offline battles, using splitscreen mode
dtp entertainment and Ronimo Games have unveiled that Awesomenauts can be played with up to three people on a single console (PS3/Xbox 360). To give you a better idea on the split screen mode, a new trailer has been released. Combining the gameplay of classic 2D-platforming titles with that of modern, fast-paced MOBA-games, Awesomenauts allows up to six players to battle against one-another across multiple alien worlds. Featuring a playable roster of six unique heroes, Awesomenauts brings ferocious team play and angry, lightsaber-wielding aliens together. Awesomenauts will soon be available for download on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.