Solar Defense Released and Demo

Enjoy battles in fully 3D environments surrounded by swarms of enemy ships and heavy-weapons fire
Developed by Gravity Games, Solar Defense is a 3D space strategy game in which, as the commander of a starbase on the edge of Terran controlled space, it is up to you to decide how to best respond to the impending attack. You start out with an empty space station about to be attacked and from then on its a frantic race to build weapons, shields and various support structures like reactors and engineering bays to allow your station to survive under the onslaught. While the trial demo version is limited to 30 waves and level 10 technology, the full version allows you to play on until your base finally becomes overwhelmed. The full version also adds a number of powerful unlockable weapons and 3 different defense scenarios that require the player to adapt their defense strategy accordingly. Individual games play out in under an hour and the player may save and quit at anytime and resume the action from the start of the last wave.
Solar Defense Demo (41.72MB)