Major League Baseball 2K12 Released and Launch Trailer/Screens

Marks return of thrilling $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge
2K Sports today announced that Major League Baseball 2K12, the latest iteration of the Major League Baseball 2K series developed by Visual Concepts, is now available for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii and DS. Major League Baseball 2K12 features a new dynamic ratings system designed to enhance the battle at the plate; revamped throwing system that makes fielding more realistic; new hit distribution system that allows for more varied and realistic hits; and an enhanced My Player mode. Also, Major League Baseball 2K12 will once again feature the $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge - this year's contest, which returns for the third consecutive year and begins on Major League Baseball's Opening Day, April 4, 2012, elevates the competition by staging a live, eight-person single elimination tournament to determine who walks away with the $1 million grand prize. The finalists will be determined by a dynamic leaderboard ranking the top perfect games thrown. Gamers can repeatedly attempt to improve their position on the leaderboard through April 30, 2012. A new video and some PS3/Xbox 360 screenshots have been added in our download section.