Tropical Stormfront Released and Demo

Tropical Stormfront is available via Desura and GamersGate in the English, Japanese and Korean languages
Noble Master Games today released Tropical Stormfront, a real-time strategy (RTS) similar to the classic Command & Conquer, and modern warfare played out over lush tropical archipelagos. The game includes 25 pre-defined campaign missions as well as unlimited randomly generated skirmish scenarios with a multitude of game options. Developed for PC, Max and Linux, Tropical Stormfront features various game play modes including Survival, Elimination, Capture the Flag, Hold the flag, Defend, and Capture the Enemy General. The battles are fought over land, sea and air. The maps and storyline are based on real world locations including Hawaii, Fiji, Midway, the Philippines, the Falkland Islands, Taiwan and China to name a few. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.