Field of Glory: Napoleonic Now Available

The massively popular Field of Glory wargame series marches on
Matrix Games, Slitherine and Osprey Publishing have released Field of Glory: Napoleonic, a new Field of Glory expansion that allows players to command the armies of any of the nations involved in the Napoleonic and French Revolutionary Wars, emphasizing the combined arms tactics that dominated the battlefields of the period. The hardback, full-colour Field of Glory: Napoleonic rulebook contains the complete rules for the game and several army lists to get players started. This will be followed by two hardback supplements: Triumph of Nations in June and Emperors and Eagles in September. These supplements will give background and full army lists for all of the major and minor powers that fought each other during the wars. Taken together, this trilogy offers everything Napoleonic players will need to master the battlefields of Europe in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.