Unit 13 Sharing and Competing Training Trailer

The video takes you through the game's numerous ways to connect, play, share and compete with other players all across the globe
Zipper Interactive today released a new Unit 13 trailer, showcasing this third person shooter developed for PlayStation Vita and now available in North America and Europe. Able to utilize PlayStation Vita's 3G capabilities, Unit 13 features always-on leaderboards, Daily Challenges, High Value Target sharing via Near, and much more. The video gives you a look at Unit 13's new two-player cooperative multiplayer over WiFi. Two players can take on any of the game's 36 main missions, mixing and matching operatives and arsenals any way you see fit. You'll get scoring bonuses for working together as a team, and specialized co-op leaderboards will let you see how well your teamwork abilities stack up against the competition.