Heroes of Newerth Hero Spotlight: Gunblade Trailer

Once a Lawman, now the Sheriff of the Damned (4:59)
S2 Games has released a new movie for Heroes of Newerth, a strategy game where two teams of up to five players each take on the role of special Hero units. Gunblade excels in both long range and melee combat, though his abilities favor him to be closer to enemies. Ghost Marchers and Steamboots both provide bonuses here, with Ghost Marchers allowing Gunblade to chase and flee even faster with Demonic Shield, and also run through the target to keep Lethal Range damage at a maximum. Steamboots providing attack speed and stats can also help, allowing Gunblade to get in more attacks before Grappling Shot's armor reduction ends. Assassin's Shroud is a great pickup, allowing Gunblade to get close to targets, and save Grappling Shot for when they try to flee. Since Lethal Range propegates to illusions, Geometer's Bane provides a great damage boost, and also helps keep him defended by purging debuffs on use. Frostwolf Skull is also an ideal pickup, making Frostburn another great item. Shieldbreaker would help increase Gunblade's damage, but since Grappling Shot already grants a lot of Armor Penetration, picking up the slow may be more beneficial. Genjuro as a late-game item with Savage Mace help Gunblade become an unstoppable foe. All items that grant agility, such as Wingbow, are also amazing since they scale with Demonic Shield, providing a massive defensive boost.