Darksiders II Behind the Mask: Death's World Trailer

Battle colossal foes, traverse over fascinating worlds, and gallop through environments, from underground dungeons to vast over-worlds of epic scale (2:45)
THQ has released another video for Darksiders II which will be available in North America on June 26th, and in Europe on June 29th, 2012, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. With this movie, you will take a journey into the expansive world of the most feared Four Horseman, Death, and visit the heavenly outpost White City, the floating fortress of the Eternal Thrown and the Dead Plains, where souls go to be cleansed. The trailer also features commentary on the scale of the game from Vigil's development team.
In addition, THQ is offering a Limited Edition and a Collector's Edition of the game - fans can find more information on pre-orders by visiting the Facebook page.