Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series: Visual Effects and Cinematics Trailer and Screens

This video focuses on what makes Max Payne 3 a uniquely cinematic action game, thanks to a series of presentation innovations (3:08)
As promised, Rockstar Games has released a new trailer and four more screenshots for Max Payne 3, illustrating this sequel developed by Rockstar Studios and expected to launch for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 15, 2012 in North America and May 18, 2012 internationally - the PC version will be available on May 29, 2012 in North America and June 1, 2012 internationally. This video showcases numerous techniques utilized in Max Payne 3, including seamless transitions from cutscenes to gunplay, highly interactive enviornments based on real world research and an unparalleled level of detail to create a uniquely cinematic and engaging action experience.