Take On Helicopters: Hinds DLC Released and Screens/Trailer

Available for download at Store.bistudio.com, Steam, Desura and several other online store
Bohemia Interactive has announced that Hinds, the first official DLC for Take On Helicopters, is now available enlisting players to become the pilot of the most iconic helicopter gunship ever: the Hind. Take On Helicopters: Hinds presents three highly detailed variants of the Hind: the Mil Mi-24P, Mil Mi-24V and Mil Mi-24 SuperHind Mk.III - featuring interactive cockpits, retractable landing gear systems and various weapon loadouts. They are accompanied by brand new singleplayer challenges, which showcase the various roles a Hind can play on the battlefield. Five new Time Trials invite players to master the Hind's distinctive flight dynamics. Last but not least, a new multiplayer death match scenario lets players battle one another as pilots, gunners, or both.
A new trailer and nine fresh screenshots have been added in our download area.