Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Editions Announced/Tales of the Sword Coast Expansion Included

Baldur's Gate returns this summer... in an enhanced form
The countdown on this Baldur's Gate website has ended, revealing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, an enhanced edition of the first Baldur's Gate game - or at least it seems so. The game will be published by Atari and will be developed by Overhaul Games, a division of Beamdog, the company founded by Trent Oster, BioWare co-founder, and Cameron Tofer, former BioWare lead programmer.
Update #1: Trent Oster revealed via Twitter that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will include the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion.
Update #2: Overhaul Games is using 2nd Edition D&D rules.
Update #3: Beamdog told Joystiq the following: "This is the Enhanced Edition, it's not a repackage. We have the original source code and are doing a significant update."
Update #4: Overhaul Games is developing an enhanced edition for Baldur's Gate II too: "Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition will feature a re-forged version of the Infinity Engine with a variety of modern improvements."