RC Cars European Release

Project Three announced that RC Cars is finally available in Europe. Official release dates are as follows: Holland May 27th, Belgium May 27th, France June 8th, Italy June 12th, Spain June 14th, Portugal June 9th while in Scandinavia, Germany and UK the game will be released during the summer of 2004. The suggested price is € 19.95. Read the review here and download the full demo here. Press 'read more' for details.
R.C. Cars is an arcade racing game featuring radio controlled cars with high physical models. All action takes place on polysurfaces designed in such a manner that a car could bounce on big rocks, pits and bumps do acrobatic feats in the air while small surface irregularities could be plausibly and visually damped by a suspender. The radio antenna reacts in a physically feasible way on dynamic loads. Stones fly out from under the wheels. These and other physical behaviors gives a feeling of reality and make the game true spectacular. Features: A total of 10 levels (tracks) to race in, grouped in three different settings. Radio controlled cars with realistic and exciting racing physics. Three difficulty settings for AI controlled opponents: easy/medium/hard. Three different RC Cars which can be repainted (skinned) in the menu by the player Boost and jump features guarantee fast paced arcade action during each race. Animated people and animals, interactive objects, full-scale cars, waves etc. hindering the radio controlled cars on the track. By winning price money players can upgrade their cars, tweak engines, improve boosters etc. Shortcuts on all tracks enhance replay ability and keep player’s interest in passing the tracks. Easy accessible game play for young and old, both challenging and fun at the same time. Physics: R.C. Cars provides a “never seen before” quality of realism of the suspension model and its physics. This brings on a new level of feeling to control and suspension reaction in driving simulators. Physics engine outperforms the majority of car simulators currently on the mass market Many in-game scale-defining objects emphasize the size difference between the R.C. car and the real world Enrichment of the race genre with a large number of interactive animated characters, such as people and animals, full-scale cars, waves etc all hindering the cars. The characters are not simple obstacles but real AI-driven non-playable opponents that actively react to the car actions. (They try to kick or even seize and throw the car off the track.) Each distinct terrain surface has a different effect on the car. Sand and mud will slow your car down while asphalt and gravel will guarantee top speeds.