GamesCampus Acquires Drift City in Europe and Client

Drivers rev their engines for transfer bonuses and contests announced today that transfers have successfully begun from the SevenGames European service for b>Drift City, the fast-paced racing MMORPG hybrid developed for PC. All SevenGames players have been invited to transfer their characters from the SevenGames servers where all their progress will be retained. Transfer applications will be open until August 31st - drivers can also register for a new license on the official website of the game, where players old and new will be greeted with contests, giveaways, and special offers!
Veteran drivers who opt to transfer will retain all of their licenses, vehicles, coupons, and parts on the newly established GamesCampus servers. To welcome them to their new home, a bonus of 1000 cc (CampusCredit) and 1000000 mitos, the game's currency, will be waiting for them. In addition, 15 transferred users per day will be randomly selected for an additional 100 cc and 100000 mitos, for a total of 480 users.
The latest game client is now locally mirrored.