RACE Injection Coming to Europe

Updated and extended version of SimBin Studios AB's award-winning RACE 07 arrives in Europe on November 18th (UK, Iberica, Benelux Q1 2012)
NAMCO BANDAI Partners today announced an agreement with SimBin Studios AB for the retail and digital distribution of RACE Injection, an enhanced and extended version of RACE 07, featuring a wealth of new content. RACE Injection will hit retailers across most of Europe on November 18th, with UK, Iberica and Benelux to follow in Q1 2012. European digital distribution (with the exception of Steam and RaceRoom Online) is also being handled by NAMCO BANDAI Partners.
RACE Injection enhances the smash hit formula of RACE 07 by combining the most requested content from five separate expansions – Formula RaceRoom, WTCC 2010, STCC The Game 2, GT Power and the Retro expansion - into one new retail pack. With the new additions of 23 unique cars and 9 tracks, the complete RACE Injection now features a massive 83 individual car models in 43 separate car classes, customizable with over 450 highly detailed skins. The powerful cars can be raced on more than 40 tracks from around the world with over 60 different track configurations. Cars, classes and tracks can be endlessly mixed and matched to create unique and thrilling championships and events.