Fit Music Announced and Screens/Trailer

The power of fitness, the rhythm of dance
Fit Music, a new video game for Wii where fitness and music merge into one, is coming soon to Europe, O2 Games announced. With a unique mix of professional workout routines and exciting fit dances, all conceived by the European Fitness Champion Patrizia Salviato, Fit Music helps getting a better coordination, striking a balance, accelerating the metabolism and detoxing the body. All the muscles work together and get toned thanks to expressly conceived dynamic exercises to the beat of the best techno/house dance music, inspired to the legendary '80s.
In Fit Music for Wii there are three different difficulty levels, automatically selected according to everyones physical condition. Each level counts 10 exercise cards: nice scores will unlock higher levels and new workout exercises. Fit Music for Wii provides a warm-up, a training and a cool-down phase. There is also a calorie counter minigame, supported by Prof. Antonio Giordano from Human Health Foundation and S.H.R.O. Institute of Philadelphia, PA.
Fit Music is compatible with the Wii Balance Board - a large set of screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.
Fit Music Trailer (19.03MB)