Resistance: Burning Skies Story Trailer and Screens

Resistance: Burning Skies is, at its core, a story about an everyday hero becoming a legend (1:48)
We have a Resistance: Burning Skies trailer and three screenshots presenting the story of this Resistance game developed for PlayStation Vita and due to be launched in North America on May 29 and in Europe on May 30th. On August 15th, 1951, New York City fireman Tom Riley is called away during a seemingly routine fire call and finds himself thrust into the midst of the brutal Chimeran invasion (Resistance 2 fans: this parallels the period when Nathan Hale returns from Europe). Riley is possessed with a singular determination to find his wife and child, but along the way he'll be embroiled in a far larger conflict that will determine the fate of New York and leave him a key inspirational hero of the Resistance.
Other things revealed in the trailer are the new weapons and enemies. You're also introduced to the Executioner, a hulking Chimeran monstrosity that boasts a powerful cannon for an arm. Needless to say, the Executor definitely won't go down as easily as your standard Hybrid. You also caught a glimpse of the potent Hunter rifle, a Chimeran burst-fire carbine that is the predecessor to the Marksman from Resistance 3. The Hunter also packs a surprise in the form of its secondary attack, which fires an offensive drone that attacks nearby enemies - you can direct it to the left and right using PS Vita’s front touchscreen.