Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition Detailed and DLC Gameplay Trailer/Screens

Go behind the mask of the world’s greatest ninja, Ryu Hayabusa and experience Team NINJA’s strong new direction for this legendary franchise
Developed by Team NINJA for Xbox 360 and PS3, Ninja Gaiden 3 is an action game that takes players behind the mask of the series' beloved Japanese dark hero, Ryu Hayabusa, with an original story from noted writer Masato Kato that brings new depth to the game's hardcore fighting and swordsmanship. The conflict in Ninja Gaiden 3 centers around a masked man whose motivations and goals only become clear as players fight through the unfolding story. Through the curse forced upon him by The Regent of the Mask manifested through his arm, Hayabusa finds himself changing - forever blurring the line between hero and villain.
For the first time in the history of the franchise, online co-op and competitive multiplayer modes add a completely new dimension to the Ninja Gaiden experience. Players can step into the shadowy world of the ninja and fight against all challengers to draw closer to the ultimate ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, or participate in two-player cooperative play. Up to eight players can battle in versus combat as well, including the ability to form teams for four-on-four matches - with the treacherous possibility of switching teams in the midst of a match.
The Collector's Edition gives fans a chance to play all four characters in a Dead or Alive 5 demo stage, an exclusive Ninja Gaiden 3 game art book, soundtrack CD, and a unique "Duel of the Masked" figure not available elsewhere. To accompany the release, Team NINJA has also released a new video vignette and lots of fresh screenshots showcasing the Dead or Alive 5 demo stage and featuring the four playable fighters in the Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition.
Ninja Gaiden 3 will be available in Europe on March 23rd, 2012.