Blox Open Beta Started and Screens/Trailer

Guid your Blob through a series of obstacles in order to reach the ever fabled 'End' sign
In Blox, a 2D physics based platformer developed by NerfGames, the player takes control of "Blob", a simple being which wants nothing more than to explore the world and fulfil his addiction to "End" signs. Players must guide Blob over multiple obstacles, outmanoeuvre the various enemies they will come into contact with and set the fastest time possible for each level in order to achieve a high score. Blox features 50 levels ready for launch spread across five different themed areas, each with their own challenges and enemies for the player to best.
Blox is now in open beta and NerfGames is hosting a tournament. Players will race through 10 levels and attempt to set the highscore for each level. At the end of the tournament the highest scoring player for each area will win a free copy of the full game.
Four screenshots and a trailer have been inserted in our download area.
Blox Trailer (HD) (19.62MB)

Blox on PC
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